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Standard Cocktail Bartender Training

From £350


Mixologist and consult bartender for:

- 1 hour consultation to find out your exact business needs

- 3 hour training session for up to 6 bartenders

- 2 hour in service supervisory shift

Benefits of our Training

1. Increase bar sales

2. Improves staff skills and knowledge

3. Create extra revenue from cocktails

4. Increase your clientele

5. Improve staff retention

Bartender Training

- Is your business looking for a cocktail menu consultation?

- Do you need to train your staff in the basics/advanced aspects of cocktail production?

First off we will assess your business needs with a bar consult (1 hour).

Secondly we participate in our 3 hour staff training session.

Thirdly we supervise an on shift 2 hour session to put the learning into practice. 

What Do We Offer?

1) A consult to:

- Devise a bespoke menu for your venue.

- Help to redesign the bar to make it more efficient during service.

- Advice you on products that are required to create a high performing and effective cocktail bar.

2) Training

- Learn the fundamentals & professional techniques to make standard drinks.

- Learn how to shake, strain, muddle & blend to create quality cocktails.

- Learn how to use tools from Boston Shakers, Blenders & Hawthorn Strainers to Garnishing, Glassware & Ice preparation.

- Gain specialist knowledge to run a successful cocktail bar.

- Understand how to balance a cocktail by learning the anatomy of a cocktail (the base, body & perfume).

- Guest interaction and service bartending skills developed. 

- Health and safety behind the bar.

- Cleaning practices.

- Garnishes, prep and service skills.

3) On Shift session

- We will observe and supervise your newly trained bartenders on shift to put the training into practice.

- This is very beneficial to ensure the knowledge and skills are being applied in a real environment.  

What Can You Expect?

Product Knowledge:

- Develop you staff knowledge about spirits, liquors, up selling, & ingredients to provide a greater service for your customers.

Service/Dispense Bartending:

- Learn how to ensure your bar set up is prepared properly for a busy service.  We develop bartenders to produce professional quality cocktails quickly & efficiently for high volumes.

Flair Training:

- Making drinks with flair requires time and practice.  Learn how to produce drinks with style.

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